NJ Sportsbook Guide to Live Betting & Streaming 

Live betting is one of the key components of NJ sportsbooks. It is also known as in-game betting or in-play betting.

It is a massive bonus to find an operator with the best in-play betting capabilities; luckily there are plenty of NJ sportsbooks that have just that.

Top 12 Live Betting Sites in NJ

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5. Draftkings Sportbook New Jersey 4/5 Read Review
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How Does Live Betting Work?

Live betting is any wager that is placed as the game is unfolding. In-play betting is dependent upon the technology of the sportsbook. The better the sportsbook in-game betting technology, the more betting options available.

As the game occurs, the betting lines will shift. For example, if the favorite enters the game with -120 odds but has a sluggish start, their odds may drop to +130 during the game.

All of the changes in odds requires a lot of quick calculations from sportsbooks. Live betting is updated after every single play, not just at the end of a quarter or half. Some sportsbooks will even provide the ability to bet what the next play will be.

Types of Live Betting in NJ

Live betting isn’t black and white. It is for those who are paying attention and tuned into the game. There are a number of options when it comes to live betting.

Traditional Live Bets

If a sportsbook offers live betting, it will definitely offer the traditional types of wagers, such as moneyline and spread. Both of these will change as the game progresses.

Let’s take a look at an example for football live betting. If the New York Giants were seven-point underdogs but scored the game’s first touchdown, the spread may improve to Giants +2.

You might see this as an opportunity to take the Giants if they are playing well, or it could be a chance to bet on their opponent. The spread and moneyline will continuously change after every single play of the game.

In-Game Prop Betting

Live prop betting won’t be available at every NJ sportsbook, but the top operators will have some available. This needs even more technology to follow what is happening in the game.

Let’s use basketball live betting as an example for prop bets. If the over/under for the amount of points that Kevin Durant will score for the Nets is set at 28 at even odds, those odds could go to +150 after a slow first quarter.

Many bettors might see this as a chance to take the over for Durant. If you can get it at the lowest point, that will be your best chance to win the bet. If you place the bet with his odds at +150, it doesn’t matter if they continue to move up and down for the rest of the game.

What are the Benefits of Live Betting in New Jersey?

Live betting is becoming more popular in the US, much because of the entertainment factor. In-game betting takes someone who pays a bit more attention to the game and can add to the excitement.

For example, live betting on golf might provide extra entertainment to the tournament if you are watching it on TV. Bettors specifically enjoy live betting for events that they plan to watch.

Another benefit to live betting is the opportunity to either make money, or to save yourself from losing money. The changing odds can create great chances for bettors to place plus odds wagers that could payout.

Also, live betting is a great chance to save yourself if you think you might lose your pre-game wagers. One of those strategies is hedging bets.

How do I Hedge Live Betting?

Hedging a bet is a useful tool for sports bettors and can be used to your advantage in live betting. You can either win even more or counteract a losing pre-game wager.

Hedging your bet is guaranteeing that you will be getting paid. Let’s use hedging your bet for live betting on baseball for an example.

Let’s say you placed a wager on the New York Yankees moneyline at -120 to win the game. Then, the Yankees jump out to a four-run lead in the middle innings, creating a line shift for the moneyline.

Then as their opponent, the Boston Red Sox’s odds to win jump to +250. This provides the opportunity for you to place a smaller wager on the Red Sox as underdogs.

If you have both of these bets placed, that means you have a win-win scenario. No matter of the Yankees hold on to win, or the Red Sox make a comeback, you are going to be in the green.

Hedging your bet can also work for the opposite scenario, such as the Yankees getting themselves in a hole. However, if you are going to live bet on the favorite, the wager must be more than the original pre-game wager to create a win-win outcome.

Tips for In-Game Betting

Now that you know how to hedge your bets using live betting, let’s look at some other useful in-game betting strategies.

Pay Close Attention to the Game

To be able to successfully use live betting, you must be paying attention to the game. Everything that happens will affect the outcome of the game. For different sports, there are a number of questions you should be asking yourself.

  • Did someone get injured?
  • Who is in foul trouble in a basketball game?
  • What pitcher is warming up in the bullpen in baseball?
  • How is the coach using his bench?

If you can catch these things quickly, it will give you the best chance to be successful in placing in-game wagers.

Place a Pre-Game Bet

Placing a pre-game bet before you plan on live betting is crucial. This gives you something to go off of and creates the opportunity to hedge the bet.

It is also helpful to do plenty of research before the game. Having an idea of what events could unfold is useful when the game starts.

Look for Line Shifts But Know Your Limits

The most exciting thing about live betting is the amount of line shifts that occur during the game. One of the best chances you will have is if the underdog has a hot start. Maybe it seems unlikely that they will continue at that pace, generating a great chance to take the favorite at a better price.

As a sports fan, you know that the momentum often shifts several times in the entire length of a game. However, the odds are going to be following the momentum. This creates a lot of opportunities to bet against the momentum at a great price.

With all of these shifting odds and created chances, it is easy to get carried away. Be sure that you are following along with the bets you have made and keep an eye on your bet slip.

Don’t place too many bets and lose too much during the span of the game. Live to live-bet another day!

How Do I Find a NJ Sportsbook with Live Betting?

In our NJ sportsbook reviews, we go over each sportsbook’s features and whether or not it has live betting. Since live betting has taken off in the US, most NJ sportsbooks do have some capabilities when it comes to live betting.

However, some sportsbooks are better than others. As mentioned before, there are many types of live bets that can be made. If you are someone who wants to take advantage of live betting, be sure to check the number of live betting markets that each sportsbook has.

It is essential to check the prices for live betting as well. Some sportsbooks will offer better odds than others, just as other features do.

What NJ Sportsbooks Have Live Streaming?

One of the things we look for in our reviews is the best live streaming betting sites. Sportsbooks will often offer live streaming to go along with the live betting capabilities.

There are a few things to look out for when looking at live streaming sites.

Does Live Streaming Cost Money?

Live streaming generally doesn’t cost any money to use, but you will often have to place a bet on the game you want to watch. Some sportsbook won’t allow you to live stream a game unless you have placed at least a $1 wager on the specific game.

The amount you have to wager will vary depending on the sportsbook. On the other hand, there are sportsbooks that exist that don’t require any wager in order to watch the game. You might just have to have an account and have placed an initial deposit.

Even if you have to place a small bet, using the live streaming service can still be cost-effective. Instead of cable to watch games, you can pick a sportsbook with many live streaming options.

Does Live Streaming Work on the Mobile App?

One of the pros of sports betting, in general, is the ability to do it from your phone on a mobile app. This remains true with in-play betting.

In-play betting on mobile apps is extremely useful, especially for times when you can’t be on your computer. If the sportsbook has live betting and live streaming, it will likely be included on the mobile app.

In our NJ sportsbook reviews, we check the mobile capabilities and the usability of the live betting feature. Many of the top operators are dedicated to making live betting very user-friendly on the mobile app.

Now, not only can you place live bets and watch the game from home, you can even wager while sitting at a restaurant with friends.

Do NJ Sportsbooks Have Live Betting Promotions?

Using all of the NJ sportsbook promotions available is crucial. Many of them will include a promotion for your first wagers on the live betting platform.

This could come in the form of a deposit match or a live betting risk-free bet. In the promotions tab of the sportsbook, you will be shown all of the available specials that the sportsbook has.

Here, you can find whether or not it has any promotions for live betting. If you are signing up for a sportsbook, do not place an in-game wager before checking on the promotions. Many of the offers are only available for your first live bet.

Start Live Betting with a NJ Sportsbook

Now, you have all of the knowledge needed to start live betting with your New Jersey sportsbook. Live betting can be used for baseball, basketball, football, tennis, hockey, soccer, and more.

In-play betting is becoming more and more popular around the US. Each month, live betting is growing to become a larger part of the sports betting handle in New Jersey.

The great thing about live betting is its potential to improve. Sportsbooks will continue to adapt to new technology, providing even more ways to place in-game wagers.

Join in on the fun and bet on your favorite sports team with the live betting feature with online sportsbooks in New Jersey.

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